Practice Areas

Corporate Taxation

Guidance, consulting, legal representation and unique solutions for all corporate tax matters, coupled with hands-on execution of deals and transactions.

The firm accompanies young companies, including startups, in their initial stages of operation, examines the optimal tax structure for the company and leads the thought process on the international level, such as the decision in what country to establish the company.

The firm regularly advises publicly traded companies on their day-to-day business activity as well as on mergers & acquisitions, all types of structural changes, and formulates tax opinions that lead to creative and comprehensive tax solutions.

The firm has a wide range of experience in all tax-related facets of options, RSUs and other equity awards to employees.

Personal Taxation

Comprehensive management of the dialog with tax authorities.

The firm handles civil assessments starting at the submission phase, voluntary disclosure procedures, rights due to returning Israeli citizens and new immigrant rights and benefits, relocation and preparation of tax opinions.

Indirect Taxation

Detailed handling of all forms of indirect taxation – VAT, customs and fuel duty.

The firm possesses unique insight and understanding of the VAT code and its various interpretations, as reflected in opinions and assessment hearings, with specialized expertise in petroleum and petroleum-related issues. The firm offers tax planning and solutions for customs matters such as classification of goods, indirect tax codes and the repayment of taxes paid in excess.

Real Estate Taxation

Planning and guidance on residential and industrial property acquisitions, group acquisitions and entrepreneurial real estate endeavors.

The firm provides consultancy and tax planning on all types of real estate taxes, including betterment tax, purchase tax and tax planning for individuals who purchase properties. The firm also accompanies real estate restoration deals and Tama 38 projects.

International Taxation

The firm has far-reaching experience in international taxation and international tax planning. Furthermore, the firm leverages its in-depth understanding of international tax codes and strong relationships with colleagues all over the world to the advantage and benefits of its clients, making it possible to facilitate tax-efficient structures abroad. What’s more, the firm has the experience and skills to take the knowledge it has acquired over the years in its international operations and implement it in Israel.


 The firm has extensive experience in negotiations with the customs authorities on all matters related to import and export of commodities. The firm deals with the classification for customs purposes, international trade and various customs disputes both in the civil and the criminal sphere.


Trust Fund and Wealth Management

Pioneered the field in Israel.

The firm specializes in setting up trust structures, preparing interpersonal contracts and inter-generation asset transfers. Those services are performed while considering wider implications, from the inheritance perspective to family affair perspectives.


Representing clients before all judicial courts.

The firm has proven experience in handling all forms of cases, from the Magistrate’s Court to the Supreme Court. The firm represents clients in assessment appeals and lawsuits against the tax authorities, both in civil and criminal claims.

Civil Trial

The firm provides ongoing legal counsel on civil and labor law, and offers its clients vast experience in handling large-scale slander and civil lawsuits.