Yaron-Eldar, Paller, Schwartz & Co. is a boutique law firm specializing in all aspects of taxation law, both in Israel and internationally.

We established our firm based on our belief that providing the highest quality tax law advice means thinking differently, thinking out of the box. We are committed to working with our clients from the initial planning stages, helping them understand the tax implications of every step they make. We are attentive to our clients’ needs and have the expertise necessary to develop the right legal solution for their unique commercial needs through careful planning of the optimal tax consequences..

Our in-depth and far-reaching understanding of all tax practice areas and the business sector, in Israel and internationally, combined with our extensive experience appearing in court provide us with keen insight into the dialog between companies and tax authorities and allow us to present our clients with unique tax solutions. We believe in business oriented tax planning, in analyzing the fundamentals of every transaction and harnessing the extensive knowledge we have acquired over the years in order to provide legal counsel and guidance of the highest standard.

We offer our numerous clients – publicly traded companies, large and small privately held companies, international enterprises, individuals, importers and third-sector organizations – legal representation and consultation on any and all tax-related matters.

Our decision to focus entirely on taxation allows us to provide highly personal, focused and dedicated service that optimally leverages the combined experience of the three partners:

Tali Yaron-Eldar served as the Income Tax Commissioner and during her tenure led the widest and most substantial tax reform in Israel’s history. She also held the position of Chief Legal Advisor of the Customs and VAT Authority. After retiring from the public sector, Yaron-Eldar accumulated wide-reaching business and legal experience in the private sector. In recent years she has developed unique expertise in family wealth management and trust fund planning.

Roy Paller and Rani Schwartz bring to the table extensive experience in representing clients before the tax authorities and courts in all tax-related matters, as prosecutors as well as attorneys. Paller has comprehensive experience in tax planning and personal and commercial tax matters; Schwartz possesses unique expertise in handling tax offences and indirect taxes. Gilad Ben Ami, brings to the table an extensive experience in tax planning with special expertise in international tax planning, and in consulting on tax matters in multi-national transactions. Additionally, Gilad Ben Ami has an extensive experience in representing clients in front of the tax authorities in disputes regarding tax matters, representing and consulting to clients on M&A transactions on large scales including investment funds, multi-national corporations, start-up companies, employees incentive plans and various tax matters.

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With offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa and rich experience with all branches of Israel Tax Authority, as well as deep-rooted understanding of international tax codes, we provide personal guidance to our business and private clients to ensure excellence in service.

We offer unmatched accessibility and availability to all of our clients, all of the time.